My Story

FrankMy name is Frank Treemarchi. My company Treems Home Improvement was formed out of a passion for working with my hands and using those hands to transform my homes and the homes of friends and family. In 2021 I decided to change careers and open my own company so that I can share my passion, craftmanship, and love for home improvement with others.

Prior to opening my company, I was in the banking industry for 26 years. However, as each year passed, I grew weary of the corporate world, working for the corporate man, attending meetings with little to no job satisfaction. Throughout that time, I found out that not only do I love working with my hands, but I am also incredibly good at it. I made the decision to go for it and decided to walk away from the corporate world and start my own interior renovation business.

I have to say this is truly one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Nothing motivates me more than seeing a finished project knowing that I created a new space for a client. But what is the most satisfying is when I get to witness their reaction and excitement as the space of their dreams becomes reality and knowing that I was a part of it means the world to me.

People love their homes and love them even more when their dreams become reality and I love playing a part in creating that for my clients.

Hopefully one day Treems Home Improvement can turn your dreams into a reality.